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About us

The Square is a young innovative tech company. We solve problems to make things work better and make people’s lives easier.


We're currently laser focussed on the construction industry.




Because technology hasn't played a huge role in construction so far. We're changing that. We believe that technology can improve operations and put efficiencies in place whilst making the whole industry much more transparent, accountable, safe and productive. 

Our team:

We are a growing team of self motivated, fast thinking (and acting) doers. We have backgrounds from the world of tech, marketing and construction and from different parts of the world. We’re always looking for new talent so if you’re interested in joining a fast paced, fast growing tech business, get in touch.


Our culture (we know it’s important):
We know culture is not what we say it is - it is the manifestation of our collective beliefs and actions. We don’t want to force a culture on anyone, in fact it’s the differences in people that creates an awesome culture. We celebrate that. That said, we like to believe our founding values and principles are shared. Be friendly, fun, fast and collaborative, be entrepreneurial, be trusted and never stop innovating.



Come work with us...

We’re currently looking for awesome people to to help us as:

Product Manager -  totally user focussed!

Growth Manager - know how to engage the hard to engage? Please engage. 

Sales Development Rep's - if you think you've got hustle, we'd love to speak with you.


Get in touch if you’re interested.

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