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Automated, secure,
cloud based payroll

Focus on what you do best while The Square's tech powered payroll systems take care of all your payroll processes & responsibilities

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No ordinary outsourced payroll company...

The Square Pay is a specialist, tech powered payroll business. We act as a trusted payroll partner to companies that want to outsource their payroll.  

What we do...

We take the hassle out of payroll.

By using smart technology we automate and improve processes saving time, money and hassle for our clients whilst ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.


What we can do for you...

We can help with all payroll options. PAYE, Umbrella, Limited Companies, CIS. Our systems have been designed to accommodate all variables. Whether you need help with just one employee or several thousand, The Square Pay is a scalable and trusted partner enabling you and your company to simply get on with business.

Speak with one of the team

Whether you're actively looking for a payroll partner or just curious about how we're different, give us a call on 0203 868 6303 or email us and we'll happily answer any questions you have.

How it works...

A secure, cloud based solution

Getting your business set up on The Square is easy and can be done within hours. Once set up, onboarding and managing your teams is as it should be in this day and age - super simple.

No paper, no fuss.


Paperless onboarding

Using our virtual forms, your team can onboard themselves before they start. Translated into any language, it helps ensure all information is accurate. 

Automated compliance

Our automated ID and right to work verification software ensures you and your team are 100% compliant. We use HMRC approved and integrated software ensuring RTI is submitted accurately and on time.


Better team management

Once your team are onboarded you get a 24/7 real time view of your workforce through The Square's secure online portal.

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